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The tumult in global equity markets has been so sudden and so v...

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) have been all the rage the past few years as money has flowed out of actively man...

Tocqueville Private Wealth Management

Tocqueville Asset Management was established to serve the long-term investment needs of high net worth families and individuals. Our value proposition for private clients — results-driven investing with a high degree of personal attention – has not changed since we opened our doors.
Tocqueville is committed to produce results that address a client’s agreed-upon financial goals and needs, rather than an unconstrained pursuit of investment return.
We believe personal attention is essential to our private wealth management relationships. The continual dialogue between client and portfolio manager provides opportunities for both parties to share in and shape a successful investment outcome.

A Distinctive Asset Manager


  • Formed in 1985, New York-based Tocqueville Asset Management focuses solely on investment management, undistracted by any other business.
  • Tocqueville is employee-owned. This provides our professionals with a constant incentive to excel and has resulted in a high degree of organizational stability.
  • Tocqueville is disinclined to  follow the crowd. We are independent thinkers who base our decisions on our own rigorous, in-depth research and thorough knowledge of every investment position in each client’s portfolio.
  • Tocqueville’s disciplined investment processes seek to mitigate portfolio risk. Experience has demonstrated that this can often be achieved by emphasis on undervalued and out-of-favor assets.